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This is a transformational moment for our country, our politics and our economy. And it is changing by the minute – not by the day. The way we used to do business is not what works today.


Influence peddlers drove policy.


Grassroots and social media influence decision makers. 


Traditional news cycles were the primary source of information - running once or twice a day.


People consume information hundreds of times each day from multiple, non-traditional sources.


Business and thought leaders had time to deliberate or wait for problems to go away.


One news cycle, handled poorly, can cripple institutions and businesses.

The corporate and government worlds are no longer simple or easy; black or white.  At Blended, we bring a blend of expertise and strategies, from decades of government, political, and policy experience.

There aren’t many fights we haven’t seen –  from social justice and institutional reforms to corporate reorganization and government accountability – we have been at the front lines. We have the right blend of experience and innovative strategies that work right for you.

Our Services

Reputation Manager

Crisis Communicator

Strategic Advisor

Legislative resource

Business Ambassador

Equity Advocate


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About Our Founder

Alex Hughes

Alexandra M. Hughes is the founder of Blended Public Affairs. She has been at the center of every major political fight in Maryland for the last fifteen years. As principal advisor to the Speaker of the House and legislative leadership on strategic, legal and policy issues, Alex’s role encompassed public policy, organizational development, coordination and communication strategies before leaving at the end of 2021 to found Blended Public Affairs.

She is part political strategist, part policy advisor, part administrator and chief communicator, Alex brings all of this professional experience along with her personal background to bring the right blend of strategy and communications efforts to any local, state, national, private or public sector fight.

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